Lopar is a picturesque tourist place 14 km away from the old central core of the town of Rab. The prehistoric site on its promontory Zidine and the Liburnian hill-forts scattered all over the peninsula bear testimony to its being populated in ancient times, but also to the significance of this part of the island. Along with the ideal natural conditions for numerous sports, recreation and entertainment, your hosts are able to provide you with: playgrounds for five-a-side soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, cycling track; as well as speedboats, jet-propelled watercraft and skin diving gear… diving school and tennis school…

The island of Rab, situated in Kvarner Bay at latitude 44° north, belongs to the northern group of the Adriatic islands. It is sheltered from the cold by Velebit, a mainland mountain belonging to the Dinara massif, which ensures that the influx of fresh and clean continental air reaches Rab at pleasant Mediterranean temperature. The average annual temperature varies between 7 °C in winter and 26 °C in summer, remaining above 18 °C for more than 140 days a year.

Summer months are rendered more pleasant by a mild landward breeze, maestral, while winters are chilly and dry owing to the seaward northeastern wind bora. The shores of the island are lapped by crystal-clear and clean sea brought by the constant northbound stream coming from the ecologically clean Mediterranean. The average temperature of the sea around the island is 24 °C in summer and 12 °C in winter. Along the northeasterncoast of the island, resembling a high stone wall, stretches the towering hill Kamenjak; it proterchts the rest of the island from the direct influence of harsh continental air and allows it to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun that shines on Rab for over 2470 hours a year.
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